Welcome to my blog. This is where I (mcneb10) will post stuff I find interesting or my interpretations and opinions on current events.

The stairs go on forever.

They could be steel. They could be stone. They could even be paper.

Are they leading up or down?

Yukihiro Takahashi

You’ll never know who or what you can truly rely on. Always have a backup plan and never put all trust into one entity.

On this site I run various open source services I find useful, the public ones being (all regs are currently closed):

Planned Services:

  • Other Crypto Nodes
  • SearxNG + Open Source frontends?
  • Fedi stuff
  • A lot more


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Recent Posts

Services Down?

A short announcement Unfortunately, due to some currently unknown issues, the accessing of some services on this site is not currently possible. These services are: Monero Node Peertube These services will be down until further notice.

Monero Node Up!

Today I decided to open my Monero node for public access. It is accessible port 18080 p2p, 18081 rpc, and 18084 zmq via the domains themcgovern.net and mcgovern7dgred44sj754dqvjlj26ri2fmalo6fsoj2p2nlczijeguad.onion. I am also considering starting up an LTC node as well, as LTC is a pretty good way of getting in to Monero via crypto ATM. Hope this is just one of many more public services to come!